Copyright and Design Law

Copyright and Design Law protect the intellectual performance of a person as well as their aesthetic creations (design protection). While copyright already begins with the publication of a protectable work, a design right is usually acquired only through application and entry in the register. The unregistered community design represents an exception. Without registration, a protection for 3 years within the EU is granted starting from the first publication of the design object. Designs, too, are distinguished according to national, European and international designs.

The copyright field also includes the protection of software and of photographs. The right to one's own Image results from the general right of personality and is regulated in the Art Copyright Law.

In the field of Copyright and Design Law we offer you, in particular, the following services:

  • Examination of your achievement for protectability

  • Application of designs for registration in the register at the German, European and international Offices

  • Extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of copyright and design claims (injunctive relief, damages, information on sources of supply, confiscation)

  • Prosecution of counterfeit products

  • Written warnings, filing for preliminary injunctions and legal proceedings

  • Defense against claims under Copyright and Design Law, including examination of warnings and preventive filing of protective documents

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