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Are you looking for special training opportunities for your company? Then take advantage of an in-house workshop.

13.05.2019 Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Rechtsreferendare: „Rechtsmittel im Zivilprozess, insbesondere die Berufung“
20.05.2019 Prüfung „Wirtschaftsrecht“ im Zweiten Juristischen Staatsexamen
21.05.2019 Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Rechtsreferendare „Rechtsmittel im Zivilprozess, insbesondere die Berufung“
15.07.2019 Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Rechtsreferendare: Patent- und Gebrauchsmusterrecht; Designrecht; Verfahrensrechtliche Besonderheiten des Gewerblichen Rechtschutzes“

In-house workshops

It is up to you to determine the topic and thematic focus.

The content of the training is coordinated by you and Dr. Cöster in advance. You will benefit from our insider knowledge and the practical experience gained from our work as lawyers. The topic can be chosen by you from the entire spectrum of our field of activity.

You determine the duration and date of the training.

The duration of our training courses can range from one hour to one-day seminars. It is up to you to determine the duration. The training date will be agreed on individually with you, thus receiving a qualification for your employees exactly when you need it. You qualify your employees simultaneously and cost-effectively and define the number of participants in the training. The event takes place in your offices, eliminating travel and accommodation costs.

Suggested topics:

  • Combating brand and product piracy
  • Optimum protection through brand, design and patent
  • Development of a Trademark and Intellectual Property Rights strategy
  • Image and usage rights in corporate communications
  • Current developments in Press and Media Law
  • Current developments in Trademark Law
  • Legally compliant advertising
  • Legal framework for sales and distribution

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